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Bekker Films is a company primarily engaged in the cultural sector, specializing in film, photography, and innovative marketing strategies. Our team consists of internationally recognized experts with years of experience working alongside major corporations.

Bekker Péter, owner of Bekker Films
Bekker Peter, owner of Bekker Films

About us

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Peter Bekker

CEO/Creative Director

I am Peter Bekker, filmmaker, creative director, photographer and owner of Bekker Films.

From my childhood, I have always been interested in good stories. I loved to create the stories behind people, and to make others see what music is really about.

When I became older, I started to shoot short films, music videos-, and commercials, but the story has always been my main focus.

During my work, I have met some amazing people: photographers, editors, sound-engineers, cameramen, graphic designers, gaffers etc. We started to work and think together. Today, I have the opportunity to work with a great team and with expert partners.

Bekker Films is the company where stories come to life.

We always try to create special and unique projects for our clients.

My work is to come up with ideas for a particular story and my team help me to create it.

Szibilla Vitális, studio manager of Bekker Films

Szibilla Vitális

Studio Manager

Sára Kővágó, head of communications of Bekker Films

Sára Kővágó

Head of communications

Peter Herman, content developer/photographer of Bekker Films

Peter Herman


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Winter in Qatar

Christmas Day


Romanian Folk Dances

Run for it!

Awakening Budapest

Our Partners

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We have worked for some well-known companies, such as

  • Qatar Airways
  • Qatar Foundation
  • Vodafone
  • Qatar Tourism Council
  • FIFA Supreme Committee
  • Westin Hotel Doha
  • Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Saint Ephraim Male Choir
  • Qatar Concert Choir
  • Radisson Blu
  • Doha Jazz
  • Savoya Park
  • Qatar International Boat Show
  • Budapest Strings
  • Suzhou Ballet Theatre
  • Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra

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